Goecha la @ Sikkim

“Where the answers lie” – Superkudi Nomad

A 10 day trek to see the striking southeast face of Mt. Khangchendzonga, the world’s third highest mountain and back to the city life

This summer, we trek to a land where the green is greener, the skies are more blue, the water is crystal clear and the air we breathe is crisper. If we were Windows 10, GoeCha La is definitely the F5 key. Did you press it and see what happens? Exactly. With mighty oaks, bundles of the gloriously red rhododendrons, lush meadows and sparkling blue waters, this trek is considered as one of the most picturesque trekking trails in the country.

As the golden sun marks an epic start and end to your days, you settle in, quite comfortably, to the amazing hospitality of the Sikkimese people. The awe striking sunrises and sunsets mark an epic start & end to your days, while the snow covered gigantic Himalayas give you a sneak-peek of the amazing view of sixteen beautiful peaks visible from Dzongri top.

On this Himalayan journey, trek along with breathtaking views of the Singalila  range to a brilliant close-up to the third highest mountain of the world. Camp under the starry skies as the mountains give you the answers.

PS: Did you know you have been carrying a picture of this destination all along? This pass has been closer to you than you know. Open your wallet, flip that Rs. 100 note & you’ll know!

Not your mountain if you:
Prefer city lights to mountains
Are allergic to snow fall
Wear dry-clean only clothes

Come off, if you:
You love an offbeat terrain
Are kicked about being close to stars
Want to embrace your mountain side

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