TranquiliTea @ Wayanad

“Oh dear! Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first?” – Peter Pan

Famously known as the ‘The land of Paddy Fields’ (vayal – paddy field, naad -land), this weekender takes us to God’s Own Country, Kerala. While historians have found evidence of human settlements in these parts dating back to 10 B.C. – we reckon it goes wayyy back, to the days of being the original paradise. Today, it is known for being home to elephants and tea.

This weekend, we take a break from the business of January and settle ourselves in a century old cardamom farm. We allow the delicate, intoxicating fragrance to let our thoughts settle and imaginations soar. We pause the humdrum of the routine as we sip through nature’s finest treasures. We wake up to the mighty sights and sounds that surround us, accepting us for who we are. A lot can happen over a cups of  infiniTEA, haina?

Not your cup of tea if:

You prefer city lights to nature
Dislike chai and spices
Enjoy a hot shower in your apartment

Come off, if:
You love an offbeat experience
Want to stare at the horizon from a natural infinity pool
Trek to a glorious skyline

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