Trailing the Moped Gypsies @ Hampi

“There is a history in all men’s lives.” – William Shakespeare

Hampi is unreal . Surreal rather!

She has so many things to say that most often people experience her only in parts. The “tourist” junta flocks to the Southern side of the river seeking divine interventions while the hippie backpacker traveller gang settles for
“natural remedies” in the northern, more quiet, side. Hampi is a two-faced beauty and not many people have explored her “other side”. We will do just that this time around. A tourist will always see ancient temples, decorated goddesses, magnificent ruins and their fascination with the place ends right there. That’s where our love -affair with the city begins. Having travelled around the country and parts of the world, we’ve had the pleasure of spending time at some of the most beautiful monuments but nothing matches the regal charm of this wonder called Hampi. Somewhere in the dilapidated complexes and the boulder strewn hills or the river that runs through it all, is hidden a love potion – an elixir that makes you fall in love with this place. This is a love that needs no words to reaffirm itself. It transacts in the loud silence that prevails.

This weekend we pack off into a journey of history and gypsyness!

Not your jungle, if you:
Prefer city lights to nature
Are scared of rocks, ruins and monuments
Wear dry-clean only clothes

Come off, if you:
You love an offbeat experience
Are kicked about rocks, ruins and monuments
Want to embrace your gypsy side

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