Ballad of Easy Rider @ Agumbe

“What we had in common – our restlessness, our impassioned spirits,
and a love for the open road.” – – Ernesto ChÈ Guevara

The air scented with rainforest, snakes, winding roads and lovely trekking trails. That’s the Agumbe weekend for you.

Nomads invite you to an adventurous break in charming rainforest. Stay in the campsite and see city stress melt away. Unwind and relax, take long walks in the jungle and a host of special activities that are lined up for you.

Not your cuppa blue if you:
Prefer city lights to nature
Are allergic to the smell of petrol
Think travel is a waste of time

Come off, if you:
Love an offbeat experience
Are up for a ride on winding roads
Find solace in nature

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