United we trip.
United we relish.


Big Nomad

Chirag Jain

With a master’s degree in International Business and emerging markets from the University of Edinburgh this Nomad has always found himself traveling from a very small age. His strength is the book and pen. Loves trying out new things, be it food, places or ideas.

Pahadi Nomad

Hitesh Kataria

A mechanical engineer by qualification, this 29-year-old loves traveling, trekking & mountaineering and has been doing so past 11 years. Loves creating experiences and being on the road. He also loves his music and drums.

Fauji Nomad

Abhinav Antony

Computer Engineer by profession. This guy is absolutely passionate about Air Force and loves traveling. He is an animal lover and has had all sorts of pets including a python! The Gentleman can get you laughing and rolling on the floor with his jokes. Loves doing nautanki and is a Nomad at heart.

Superkudi Nomad

Megha Walia

A warm blooded Nomad from Punjab. This girl has a deep inclination towards joining all the agents of creation in the Startup ecosphere. With a willing MBA from MICA, she has fueled her passion for exploration and often describes herself as a fidget, seeking for adventure. This Herdswoman of the Tribe keeps us well fed & going to explore off the beaten path.  

Mafia Nomad

Sudarshan Suresh

A qualified chartered accountant by accident. Oops! A traveler at heart, measures miles deep within in his quest for Nirvana. The young lad is always on the pursuit to learn on the go, welcoming challenges along the way. Beware of opening up to a different universe within yourself if he gets chatty with you. Kuch Mafias harmless hote hai.


Tall Nomad

Sumedhas Rajgopal

He is a Biotech graduate from the Bangalore University who realized that traveling is a life changing process. He enjoys his sales calls and time off in the gym. Music is his passion and you’ll find him straining his vocal cords quite a lot. This 28 year old is a complete mumbaiya at heart.