To be able to live this kind of a lifestyle, we do weekend trips every month and much more

Nomadic Weekender :
This one is to definitely travel for. #MaaKasam. A Nomadic mystery machine heading out of the city every weekend with a bunch of ‘strangers’ from different walks of life. Then sprinkling Prof. Plutonium’s 48 hours of Nomadic magic along the miles, at virgin & offbeat destinations indulging in adventure, cultural immersions, mountain scaling and being amphibian and returning back to the city life as best travel buddies(something that a FB can never comprehend)

Himalayan Sojourn :
This has been lying in your bucket list since you saw you were a young lad. C’mon what are you waiting for? Do you really know what ‘Feeling on top of the world’ is like? If not, then join our eccentric bunch of Nomads make their journey to the land of high passes.

Corporate Couture :
If your company is done with its lifecycle of ‘Team Bonding’ and resort hopping. We have a jack in the box for your white collar mates. We do curated Corporate trips, outing, leadership meets. We’ve also been hosting events, MICE and offsite getaways.

No Direction Home :
For you & your homies  (mummy-paapa/bhai-bhen/couple-shaple/Dil Dosti & etc) who just want head out to somewhere where the city lights dont reach.

Schools :
An opportunity to make a memory grow into nostalgia, when the world is still a playground for these young minds. Thinking ‘outside the box’ while being outside the box. This project strives to trigger their curious minds.

Colleges :
Because you learn much more by seeing, exploring, and experiencing a foreign place than reading about it or looking at pictures. Because if not now, then when? *Whispers : We’ll help you make that one Epic trip along with your college mates.

Mehfil-e-Nomad :
One fine day of each month, we also invite all our travelers to come together and spend time over coffee and conversations, music , films, poetry which is Mehfil-e-Nomad

My Foot :
We also do walk tours around Bangalore focused on history, heritage, photography, street-foodpaths and storytelling.